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SHOES - Say It Like You Mean It - From the CD - Ignition - Promo

The Sixties Show - Promo

Memorial for Gary Grimes of 1964 The Tribute.

Memorial for Phil Antonucci of Beginnings: A Tribute to the Music of Chicago

Photo Slideshows:

Slideshows have a multitude of purpose. They are considerably more cost effective than shooting videos, and can have much more impact. The producer has much more control over content, and the subject will always be looking their best.


Photo slideshows are great for advertising, and are extremely effective at getting your message across.


Some typical uses are: Promotionals, Advertising, Product Informationals, Showcasing, Artist or Model Resumes, Families, Vacations, Reunions, and Memorials.


For more detailed information on our photo slideshow, please give us a call: 516.420.1024.

"A picture is worth a thousand words; a slideshow is both" 

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